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New Year is just around the corner and people are going to set their resolutions, yet again. On top of that list is most likely going to be health and everything around it. People will seem motivated and will expect this year to be different from the last one because now they are going to lead a healthier life. The month of January will see an upsurge in gym memberships with people working hard to get the ‘desired body’. Words like the keto diet, cross-fit, wrist bands are going to find themselves in everyday conversations. Selfies with #fitnessmotivation and #healthgoals...

Organic jaggery powder benefits and uses

Jaggery is not just a natural sweetener for Indians. These orange blocks of sweetness have been part of our culture since ages. You will find Jaggery in every kitchen waiting to be taken out to be used in traditional sweets. In fact, Jaggery being cooked in the kitchen is a sign that a festival is under way. Jaggery is produced using traditional methods and is a common sight in the villages which makes organic jaggery powder a familiar product to the Indians. Also, the fact that organic jaggery powder benefits are mentioned in Ayurveda shows why it holds such an...

Quick & Delicious Winter Veggie Soup

As the winter months set in, it’s common to crave for comfort food and find yourself indulging in some not-so-healthy but oh-so-delicious meals. From mugs of piping hot chocolate to a spicy bowl of ramen, winter food is definitely enjoyable. While you don’t need to deprive yourself from your favourites this season, you can substitute some meals with low-calorie but tasty soups made with the fresh winter produce. This nourishing soup is seasonal and perfect for a chilly winter evening. The organic tomatoes add a tangy flavor while the other fresh veggies add a dash of colour and a whole...

All About Veganism

Veganism has come a long way from being a fad followed by celebrities to a comprehensive lifestyle choice preferred by millions of people globally. At the core of it, veganism continues to be a choice people take to reduce their carbon footprint and to prevent animal cruelty. However, it has evolved to be a healthier alternative to a meat-based diet with proven benefits and with an increasing following among sportspersons and athletes. What is a vegan diet? A vegan diet, apart from only consisting of plant-based meals, also excludes animal products and by-products such as dairy, honey, eggs, leather, fur,...

What are Organic grocery shopping and the advantages of organic grocery shopping?

What is Organic Food? Organic food has become a trending topic recently. Whenever we visit any supermarket and browser shopping websites to buy our daily groceries, we come across a section where only organic products are sold. Even on various blogging sites, we come across articles related to online grocery shopping and its benefits.  But what are these organic products? Organic food is a debatable topic because different countries provide a different definition of organic food. For a general statement, we can safely say that organic food is referred to the type of products which are grown in a specific...

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