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Organic Way for Hair & Hand Hygiene The First Line of Defence against Germs

Body hygiene, especially the hand and hair hygiene is not just for cosmetic appearance. When done right, it helps reduce the spread of infectious diseases and prevents unwarranted allergies and illnesses. Infectious diseases are a big health problem and economic drain in our societies. Poor hygiene habits increase occurrences of illnesses, absenteeism and enormous workforce productivity. Organic hand hygiene and natural hair hygiene can help address the issue immensely. As an immediate step, we need to do more at the home and school level to educate children and even people in general about the significance of hand and hair hygiene....

Top 5 Organic Food Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Before we dive into the organic food trends for 2019, let us take a look at some of the developments that contribute to these trends. The steady rise of healthy and sustainable food has marked its way into the mainstream food industry. Health practitioners, personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and fitness influencers are following one or the pattern of food intake and consuming products that are proving to be physically and emotionally beneficial. The sedentary lifestyle has propelled people across the globe to opt for a life connected essentially to self-care, prioritizing food and products that are related to good nutrition...

Is India Snacking Too Much?

There were times when we, as humans, would look at food as mere sustenance, a daily requirement to be fulfilled with the locally available organic food options. And yet, today one could get literally anything to eat, in the shortest of time. The modern-day eating habits have rendered us compulsive, as we now revel in the comfort of a seemingly endless supply of items to devour. The urban population in India, as it works in tandem with almost every other location on the planet, has fastidiously adjusted to the “snacking” phenomenon. Full time, proper meals have given way to shorter,...

The Morning Rush Hour: Quick Ready To Eat Options for Breakfast

We eat different food at different times of the day and that is broken down to various nutrients that you should be ideally consuming on a daily basis. With variations in a number of trends and fitness regimes, there are still few concepts that remain largely unchanged. Starting your day with a healthy breakfast, deciding on your morning breakfast options, in what quantity and for what reason to enhance the cognitive performance of your body, mind and soul; is the main motive even today. We understand that starting your day with healthy food options every day can be a tedious...

5 Benefits of the Finger-licking Good Organic Ghee

Truly organic ghee is made using organic butter obtained from grass-fed desi cow's milk. Organic cow ghee is made from the milk of the indigenous breed of cows and not the hybrid ones. The cows are not fed with any artificial supplements in their diet. The whole curd to ghee obtained is in the ratio of nearly 30:1. 5 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Organic Ghee 1. Great for Cooking and Taste Ghee has a high smoke point According to nutritionists, ghee is an excellent medium for cooking, especially for frying food. This is because of its high smoking point....

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