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Healthy Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

It looks like the Sun God has unleashed his fury a wee bit early this year. It has become a mighty challenge stepping out, most us of are already seeking refuge indoors with our AC and fans. Well, staying in the cool companionship of our ACs might not happen when we are on the go. But there are many ways to ensure you remain hydrated and fresh in summers. Factually, more that 70% of our body is water  and requires optimal hydration for overall wellbeing. However, there is no clear cut answer as to the definition of 'optimal hydration' and...

Top 10 Organic Crusaders in India

The conventional form of agriculture has finally begun to show its ugly face.  After years of abuse from excessive use of pesticides, the soil quality not only got robbed of its nutrients but also began to deprive of any potential use for the future. This has severely impacted the Indian agricultural productivity. Thankfully, few farmers and individuals took the course of organic farming and have been promoting this practice to this day. Today, organic food consumption has slowly begun to knock every door and make its way to the kitchen, globally. The country has slowly begun to understand the importance...

Check Organic Certificate of Authenticity before Buying Food Online

The growing demand for a sustainable environment has given rise to practices that are healthy, protect the environment and have positive effects on living beings. Consuming food grown without pesticides and chemical fertilisers is one such practice. It has resulted in a growing demand for organic food production and consumption. The worldwide movement on fair-trade practices has prompted the manufacturers and producers of organic food to obtain certificates which authenticate the food being produced and delivered to the consumers in the market. Organic certificates are obtained by any business who is directly involved in producing organic food and this includes...

Exam Season: Foods to Boost Cognitive Performance

The exam season is back. And so is the time of studying for hours, burning the midnight oil, sacrificing on the play-time and suffering from nutritional deficiency. Wait…that last part need not be true, though it is a sad reality. More often, students feel, rightfully or otherwise that they are not prepared enough. So the last few days before the exams call for extensive hard work which the minds and bodies of students are not adequately prepared for. Many students suffer from exhaustion, excessive sleep, tension, and headache, and sometimes they fall ill due to lack of immunity.   Thus,...

Autumn to Spring: Food Changes to Observe

The calendar swishes like the leaves on the footpath. But there is more to this rustle, this tiny-looking change. As we pour from one season to another; our bodies, minds and moods undergo a torrent of changes. You can’t be eating the same stuff you had last week. You can’t be drinking the same delight that kept you cozy this winter. Wait, are you? The Switch of Seasons – Why it matters? As the earth and Sun, move around equator and latitudes; their effect, on the light that humans and plants receive, brings pronounced changes on our body’s constitution and...

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