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Choose Better

New Year is just around the corner and people are going to set their resolutions, yet again. On top of that list is most likely going to be health and everything around it. People will seem motivated and will expect this year to be different from the last one because now they are going to lead a healthier life. The month of January will see an upsurge in gym memberships with people working hard to get the ‘desired body’. Words like the keto diet, cross-fit, wrist bands are going to find themselves in everyday conversations. Selfies with #fitnessmotivation and #healthgoals will do their rounds on social media. Soon days will become weeks and weeks will become months. Everyone will come back to the familiar equilibrium of binging on their favorite web series, ordering food online and get a 50% discount on the most indulging food ever known to mankind. Thus, the fitness dream will hide in the closet and wait for the next New Year to come out.

How great it will be if fitness dreams don’t die this soon. Instead of sitting on a resolution list, they actually become a way of life and #healthgoals don’t end up only us a trend. It’s a basic need that your body and mind need and treating them right shouldn’t become a luxury or a once-a-year fad. Start small. You don’t have to make drastic changes. In fact, the bigger the change, the harder it is to continue with it. Start with not skipping the breakfast, then add a small portion of salad in lunch and start to have a light dinner. With these in place add a 30-min workout regime. Slowly and steadily start embracing a healthy lifestyle or in other words, the lifestyle that you should be living.

When you let go of those unhealthy habits, you give yourself what’s best for you. This new year choose what is right for you. Choose better.

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