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Tea Breaks that Don’t Break You: Relaxing Organic Teas

For most people across the globe, tea is not a beverage but a choice; a way of life and a moment of respite from the mind-numbing stress of work. Being the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, the tea delivers health benefits and at least 3 cups a day is as good as drinking plenty of water, according to the researches. But the question is what cup of tea would be able to provide you with that benefit. A number of conventional consumers of tea are now switching to organic teas after knowing the harmful effects of...

Why Add Quinoa to Your Daily Life

Keen-Wah or Ke-No-Ah is undeniably racing towards the race to become the next queen of breakfast. As a healthy food option, it is doing great so far with many people from across the globe replacing their regular meals with quinoa-based dishes. True to its health benefits, it has earned the title of ‘superfood’ or ‘super grain’. Quinoa is basically seeds of the flowering plant that belongs to the amaranth family. It is gluten-free plus a valuable source of protein, with a good amount of fibre and minerals. It has the composition quite similar to wheat or rice when cooked. It...

Seven Ways to Make 2019 a New Year

Another calendar turns its page. Another morning begins. A few hours of excitement and resolve and the very next week, we relapse into old habits, bad rituals and deep-dyed routines about our food and life. So how is 2019 going to be any different from any other year if we continue the ignorance, oblivion and almost brutal neglect of our health and happiness? It is simple. You do not have to boil the whole ocean. Just start with a small drop. And a few red flags. Warnings Abound Look at some recent headlines about WHO (World Health Organisation). Among other...

Indulging Responsibly: Health Bars as Energizers

Craving for those lip-smacking brown squares? Hell yeah! Who doesn’t? We all have this soft corner for chocolates. It’s pretty darn hard to resist even a small bar of chocolate. The second that last bite is gulped off the plate, you hunt the freezer for some dessert. It is good to binge, but sweet things are best in moderation. You will not want those sugars to coat your waistline forever. So, what’s the alternative? Tasty on Lips. Heavy on Hips? As per USDA sources, a standard chocolate bar (100g) contains anywhere from 32g-54g of sugar against 25g–38g of a health...

Organic Way for Hair & Hand Hygiene The First Line of Defence against Germs

Body hygiene, especially the hand and hair hygiene is not just for cosmetic appearance. When done right, it helps reduce the spread of infectious diseases and prevents unwarranted allergies and illnesses. Infectious diseases are a big health problem and economic drain in our societies. Poor hygiene habits increase occurrences of illnesses, absenteeism and enormous workforce productivity. Organic hand hygiene and natural hair hygiene can help address the issue immensely. As an immediate step, we need to do more at the home and school level to educate children and even people in general about the significance of hand and hair hygiene....

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