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  • Cocosutra's Hot Chocolate Mexican Spiced 100G
  • Cocosutra's Hot Chocolate Mexican Spiced 100G

Cocosutra's Hot Chocolate Mexican Spiced 100G

Hot Chocolate | 100 g Out of stock
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Inspired by ancient Mexican recipes, where they’ve mastered the blend of chocolate and spices, this blend consists of aromatic cocoa and dark chocolate, infused with cinnamon. A dash of cayenne pepper offers a surprise kick at the end and takes this indulgence up a notch. A great bit of nice, to a whole lot of naughty! Well past the level of choco loco!

Key Features : 

Shell Life : 6 months

Turn your ordinary glass of milk into an exotic indulgence, instantly! Cocosutra’s Hot Chocolate blends are created to give you the best aroma and taste by striking that perfect balance between rich cocoa and fine chocolates. Turn your hot or cold coffees into delicious mochas or make thick chocolate shakes

Cacao solids (60 – 69%), sugar, cocoa powder, corn starch, salt, spices

Storage instructions: Store in an airtight container in a cool and dry place.

Serving suggestions: An all season couture treat, mix two tablespoons of Cocosutra’s Hot Chocolate into a cup of piping hot or ice cold milk and get set for instant gratification!

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