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Rock On, this is Pink Salt!

The benefits of pink rock salt outweigh what you get out of normal salt. So next time, take life with a pinch of pink rock salt. What is life and food without a grain of salt, right? But nowadays, as stress and lifestyle pressures take a toll on health easily, one has to be wary of what kind of salt one takes to season one’s food. Because hey, it is not just something that you sprinkle on your plate or pan. It is more than a flavor-enhancer or preservative. It is something that profoundly impacts your whole body and brain....

Bilona Cow Ghee, the Universal Elixir of Life

Ghee in India is one of the most revered and sacred, finding its place in holy rituals, temples and of course in almost every delicious food that we prepare. Of late, the Desi Ghee has become very popular among foodies, connoisseurs, and even health-conscious urban consumers. The reasons are not uncommon and find their roots in the wisdom of food that India has carried for thousands of years.   But what actually is a Desi Ghee? Desi Ghee or Bilona Ghee is also called as the golden medicine of Ayurveda. It is also called clarified butter. The original process involves...

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