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5 Healthy Recipes For Diwali: A Nutritious Organic Buffet

Lights, Celebrations, Food and Action!! Here comes the most awaited festival of the year. Diwali is right around the corner and we certainly cannot hide our excitement. This Diwali light up your homes by giving a nutritious makeover to traditional delights with our Green Station ingredients. You will feel relief at hand because we are rolling out 5 recipes using organic ingredients to keep you fit even during Diwali.    1 - Broken Wheat & Flax Seeds Ladoo Savour some traditional yet healthy delight for the winterish Diwali. Enjoy this healthy amalgam of Broken Wheat (proteins)  and Flax Seeds (fiber,...

Go Green, Go Green Everybody! And not with envy

It is time that we woke up to brutal reality. Wake up to the fact that every day we are being bombarded by foods grown through harmful methods of agriculture. ‘Harmful' refers to the adoption of dangerous chemical sprays, pesticides, and fertilizers to increase the quantity of bigger, better looking and heavier fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses, and other such foodstuffs in a shorter span of time, that is the norm. This method is commonly carried out by vested interests for generous profits regardless of their harmful effects on human or animal health. Given this hard-to-swallow culinary scenario, it would be...

Herb Garden

Mom's Curry leaf tree Do you remember the times your mother called out to you from the kitchen to pluck some sprigs from your favorite kadi patta or curry leaf plant at home growing in your balcony garden for the dal that she wanted to temper? Well, at least I do! I indeed took great pride and pleasure to pick those ever so aromatic leaves, off the plant when you invariably held it to your nose and took some deep, much-loved sniffs! Aah! Dark green and very fragrant. I would check for white spots of fungus that sometimes got hold...

Dance with the Season, Eat with Some Reason

Seasonal fruits and vegetables may have been elbowed out by modern assembly lines and fertilizer sprays; but they, along with organic fare, are making a huge comeback. Do not miss on this fresh wagon this time. Seasonal vegetables and fruits bring a different power and gift by being there for a limited period – for a reason. Similarly, seasonal organic fruits and vegetables wipe away all that processing and preservation that run the unseasonal stuff industry. Once humanity started moving away from the source of food production (farms), the need for transport and preservatives arose, to keep the produce fresh....

Rock On, this is Pink Salt!

The benefits of pink rock salt outweigh what you get out of normal salt. So next time, take life with a pinch of pink rock salt. What is life and food without a grain of salt, right? But nowadays, as stress and lifestyle pressures take a toll on health easily, one has to be wary of what kind of salt one takes to season one’s food. Because hey, it is not just something that you sprinkle on your plate or pan. It is more than a flavor-enhancer or preservative. It is something that profoundly impacts your whole body and brain....

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