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Millets: Return to a Glorious Health

Superfoods have shaken the food industry and our kitchens a lot in the last year. From exotic names to strange colours and textures, we have started tapping the power of so many seeds, flowers, fruits, recipes and nuts that we often forget wonders which are available right at a hand’s stretch. Millets have been an integral part of India’s staple meals always. From villages to cult restaurants, from grandpa’s recipe to contemporary chef fusions, they have been around us without too much fuss or noise. The goldmine of nutrients and health-advantages that is nestled within them cannot be ignored. They...

Kitchen Gardening: At Home with Health

The nature of our food distribution system is such that the veggies in the market are often grown hundreds of miles away, with days of gap between the harvest and your table. This often compromises the quality of the produce, in terms of freshness and nutrition. Not to talk about GMOs and pesticides, which pose additional challenges for healthy living. Fresh vegetables and fruits, grown in your own garden, are absolutely healthy and naturally delicious. Growing your own kitchen garden may appear overwhelming, but it is not. You can do it even without too much of a space. All you...

How are the Free range country chicken eggs different?

What are free-range eggs? To respond to this question with a slight twist would probably break your heart and you would insist on free-range eggs the next time you order eggs in a restaurant or buy them at your preferred store. Let us first understand how eggs are obtained nearly everywhere in the world. Chicken are reared in atrocious conditions trapped in battery cages where space for them to move is extremely little, just enough for them to stand in one place without movement. Intensive farming methods and harsh battery cages make for the production of inorganic eggs as they...

Five major reasons for the growth in organic farming in India

Despite western influences in a burgeoning economy, some farmers in India still practice traditional techniques of agriculture. India has plenty of labor. The many regions of India have diverse climatic conditions best suited for agricultural production all around the year. These climatic conditions are a huge advantage and enable meeting the growing demand for organic food in the last few years. Farmers need to use to their advantage that they have to increase production to meet just not growing domestic requirements but also to export to emerging markets abroad at higher prices. 1.Increased awareness and sensitivity In recent years, Indians...

Pressed for Health? Go for Cold Oils

Health and taste – just like water and oil when it comes to the oil sitting in your kitchen and beauty-regimen. They just don’t mix up so easily, right? It is hard to blame the oil here though. It is all about the way we use or abuse it and extract it. In its original state, every seed and ingredient is a mine of health in itself. Thanks to the way we treat them and extract oil, we are left with a much weaker version of the original bounty of health. Heating and application of excessive industrial processes simply starve...

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